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Tri Energy Coach | Leader in Run Fitness
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Hi, I’m Sarah

I’ve been running now for the best part of 30 years… which yes…. makes me very much the veteran of the group!!

I started running, (not quite whilst it was still black plimsolls and ash tracks), in order to pass a fitness test for a job! I too was previously a 20-30 day smoker and ashamed to say that a cigarette was very much my only warm up and cool down! I built up from nothing to being able to run 1 ½ miles in under 13 minutes and got the job!

I have only ever been a recreational runner and do it for me….for the both the physical and mental health benefits. I have built up from the heady heights of running just over a mile to preferring the longer distances. I will always give Park Run and the occasional 10k a go, but I mainly run Half Marathons and above.

To date, I have run in excess of a dozen Half Marathons, 8 Full Marathons and 4 Ultra Marathons – the longest being 47.5 miles… without stopping! I understand the challenges and sense of achievement gained from pushing yourself beyond your expected limits, whatever the goal is that you have set yourself.

I have run big City Marathons and having achieved the qualifying time, ran the Boston Marathon this year (April 2019) and have an automatic place held for me in the London Marathon next year.

I’ve recently ventured (tentatively) into road cycling, getting the bug after an impromptu entry into Storm the Castle Duathlon, with further Sportive’s and Velo’s on the horizon.

I am about to complete my Leadership in Running Fitness course and see where that leads!

I have a passion for running and enjoy seeing people who that think they can’t, realise that they can…. and go on to do….

Facts about Sarah Galloway -
Experienced Ultra Runner | Leader in Run Fitness Coach